Picking the Right Van Insurance Policy

On the roads in England there are more cars than vans, and car insurance is quite simple compared to van insurance. Van insurance is more complicated than cars as they will divide your insurance into types of vans and the use of the vehicle. We will explain and highlight to you the specific things you will need to look for when choosing the right one for you.

The basic set up of van insurance is much alike car and motor bike insurance in that it can be divided into three categories, full comprehensive, third party fire and theft and lastly third party on line. Lying with these three categories they will be further divided into more detailed categories.

The most common use of vans in the England is still for business, sometimes we refer to this form of insurance as commercial. This type of insurance will affect your business as it will cost a lot if you get it wrong. Some people and their business will use their vehicle to transport goods or people, others will use the commercial van to move hazardous materials. Employees may park the van on the street outside their home or kept in the office premises which are secure.

All the above statements are important when considering the premium you will pay for your next insurance. By not mentioning these particular items your premiums will be much lower but when it comes to claims if any thing happens you may find that you are not covered for theft, personal injury and damage.

Obviously every business is different and the size of your fleet of vans will differ too, you may only have one or several hundred. You might find that a fleet van insurance will be more beneficial and cost effective. What you are doing is buying in bulk and getting the cost saving.

Personal use: Camper van insurance

The other alternative to your business use for the van is personal use, typically being for camper vans. Therefore you can do without a lot of the options that you would use for your business. Generally the premiums will be much cheaper as you will take more care of it.

If your using the van for a short period of time, such as moving house etc then you do not want all the fuss with traditional insurance. Basically you can either have your name added to the existing insurance for a small fee or you can buy a short term insurance which be much cheaper than the yearly plan.

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No matter what insurance you require it is important to get the right one for you and your van. One of the easiest ways to find the best insurance is by using an on line van insurance comparison site. They will save you time by finding instantly 30 or more quotes and you do not need to leave you arm chair.

Whatever your insurance needs, it is important to get to your best van insurer as quickly as possible. Using one of the online van insurance comparison websites is your best bet. They can save you tons of phone calls and hours of form filling and you can compare companies in one place.

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