Car Insurance Liability

Insurance liability is one of the basic forms insurance. During liability coverage the insured is covered against damages that he has been deemed responsible for. Liability coverage is of two types. One is the bodily coverage which pays for any injuries that have been caused due the accident to the other driver. The other one is coverage from property damages caused during the accident.

Under car insurance liability there are two kinds of insurance policies. One is the single limit policy, while other is the split limit. Split limit determines amounts of coverage for bodily damage to single person, bodily damage to single car regardless of the number of people involved and property damages.

Under single limit both the bodily damages and property damages are combined to reach at one figure of coverage. During car insurance liability, coverage is provided to uninsured and underinsured under different conditions. Uninsured motorist coverage pays you for any damage caused by hit and run accident, a driver of stolen car and a driver with no insurance. Underinsured coverage provides insurance when the driver has insufficient insurance. The important thing to know under auto insurance liability is that the insurance company defines the limits. Some insurance companies have a set limit on the amount they can provide. For example if a car is hit and more than one people has been injured then the insurance company will set certain limits on the amount that it can pay. The insurance company will pay a minimum amount, but will set a limit on the maximum amount depending on the injury.

During auto insurance liability when a car driver is hit and he does not have insurance, then the driver who hits the car pays for the bill through his insurer. But, if the aggrieved party has got insurance, then he should claim his insurance from his own insurance company.

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To be sure` of the limits and laws on polices for car insurance liability, people should get information about the amount of limits that their insurance companies offer. Most states require by law to have a healthy minimum limit of split and single limit policy. Mainly on average, a minimum single limit involving a combined limit policy is around twenty thousand dollar for bodily damage. The maximum limit for a bodily damage that an insurance company sets is fifty thousand dollars.

Liability insurance is one of the most basic insurance coverage that a car owner must get. Along with comprehensive insurance liability, insurance provides covers against any form of damages which the insured person has been deemed responsible. Many states require by law to carry at least liability insurance policy.

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