Fleet Insurance For Your Company Vehicles

Some big companies have vehicles that are used to transport goods. Take for example the wholesale business. Obviously, the company needs several delivery trucks to transport the commodities from its warehouse to the retailers. As the business expands, it may also acquire additional vans to support the growing demand of the customers. To insure these vehicles in one policy, the company should apply for a fleet insurance.

A fleet insurance is one kind of commercial insurance that is especially created to cover a group of vehicles or a fleet. Big companies are the usual customers of this type of insurance since they acquire a number of vehicles for their external business transactions. Accidents and engine breakdowns do happen all the time, so to keep the business rolling, it is important to get quality insurance for the fleet.

Unlike the regular car insurance, a fleet insurance takes care of all the company vehicles under one single policy. Applying for this insurance will save you more time, effort and money. There would be less paperworks as well as less money involved in this insurance than the ordinary car insurance. Instead of enlisting the cars to an insurance company one by one, it is more convenient to group them together under a certain insurance coverage. Even if your company has several vehicles of different types, you can still enroll them to an insurance provider as a fleet. As long as your company has at least three vehicles, you are eligible to enlist them in an insurance provider as one single unit.

There are several types of coverage available for your fleet. One preferred insurance policy is the comprehensive coverage. It covers all the necessary repairs and medical assistance for road accidents involving the company vehicles. In some instances, the insurance provider lets you obtain a temporary car when your company car is out of use. However, premiums for this policy may be higher than the regular insurance policies.

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The other insurance policy for fleets covers the liability costs. In case of an accident involving one of your company vehicles (and also your driver), only the other party (if there is any) will have the benefit of insurance. This policy covers the medical assistance for the injured party. As a result, premiums for this policy are lower than the usual rate.

Although there are easy ways on how to enroll a fleet in an insurance policy, there are still some necessary requirements that should be met. The insurance policy for a company fleet is limited to drivers who have complied with the licensing requirements of the insurer. Also, younger drivers usually have higher premiums until they become expert drivers.

Before applying for an insurance policy, do a research online and compare the current rates of the insurance companies. Make sure that they can also provide customized policy in case you want to be specific with your insurance. Always remember that a reputable company is the best choice above all.

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