Know About Different Types of Construction Insurance

Construction insurance indemnifies construction company owners and contractors against any theft, loss, or damage to the construction site, materials, or equipments, and from third party compensation litigations. As construction sites are vulnerable to workplace accidents, damage, thefts, and injuries to workers, construction insurance provides a comprehensive coverage against various construction industry related problems. Construction insurance encompasses a range of construction related insurance packages to cover various trades involved in construction industry.

Builders Risk Insurance
Builders risk insurance provides protection to builders, contractors, and construction company owners in case of loss, theft, or damage to materials, structure, equipments when the project is under construction. The builder, contractors, and construction company owners can reimburse the cost of damage. The builders risk insurance can cover new construction projects or remodeling projects. The owner or contractor building the project can take this insurance to ensure that the interests of all those like sub-contractors, equipment owners etc involved in the project are covered. Builders risk insurance is project specific and is given along with contractor’s general liability insurance.

Commercial General Liability Insurance
Commercial general liability insurance provides coverage to builders against compensation claims made by third parties for property damage or physical injury during the course of construction. It is essential to have commercial general liability insurance as compensation claims can have a drastic impact on the businesses. This insurance also provides coverage for the legal expenses incurred to defend the suits. In case, the builder is held legally responsible, the coverage will pay for the compensation amount. It also provides coverage for minor medical expenses due to physical injury to third party.

Workers Compensation
Workers compensation insurance provides coverage to the workers or employees working for the builder in case of injuries, death, or contracting diseases during their course of employment. Workers compensation insurance ensures that the employees get duly compensated and the employers do not get sued. This insurance covers the entire cost of medical treatment, disability income, cost towards rehabilitation, and compensation to be paid to the kins of deceased employee. As compensation claims filed by employees for work related injury or illnesses can significantly impact the business, the workers compensation insurance provides necessary protection to employers from compensation claims.

Automobile Liability Insurance
Number of vehicles and heavy trucks are involved on the construction site for transport of material, equipments, and workers. The company or the person who owns the vehicle is liable to pay in case of bodily injury or property damage at the construction site. The automobile liability insurance covers for compensation claims made by third party in case of injury, damage, or loss done by the vehicle at the construction site. This insurance also covers the entire legal costs incurred to defend the compensation suit.

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Contractors Pollution Insurance
The risk of pollution at the construction site remains high during the entire course of contractor’s operations. It is essential for contractors to have contractors pollution liability insurance due to various environmental concerns and stringent laws to protect it. Contractors pollution liability insurance provides protection to contractors in case of third party claims made for environmental pollution caused during the course of contractor’s operations.

The construction insurance is essential for contractors, builders, and property owners who are involved in the particularly risk prone construction industry. The cost of premiums paid for construction insurance is far less than compared to compensation claims and the detrimental effects the claims have on the company.

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