Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds

Cheap car insurance for 17-year-olds does not have to be difficult to find. When you mention to most people, that you are looking for an inexpensive motor vehicle policy for a teenager they look at you as if to say that you must be joking, after all, teenage car insurance has to be expensive doesn’t it? Well, actually, no, it doesn’t. In fact, if you follow the advice in this article then we will show you some good ways that you can use to cut insurance costs for young drivers considerably.

In this article we will discuss why the type of car that you choose to drive is important, why you should consider a limited usage policy and why you should keep your license clean and be a careful driver. After reading this article you will come to realize that finding cheap car insurance for 17-year-olds is not impossible.

Your make and model of car is a very important factor in calculating the price of your car insurance premiums. When you choose your first car it can be very tempting to go for a model which is sporty and fast. You should try to resist this temptation and instead select a vehicle with a high safety rating. Preferably the car that you choose should be fitted with airbags, ABS brakes and crumple zones which would absorb any impacts.

One method of obtaining cheap car insurance for 17-year-olds is to opt for a limited usage policy. A limited usage policy will be much cheaper to buy than an equivalent full coverage plan. Limitations of usage vary from insurer to insurer. You may find that you are limited to using your vehicle between certain hours. You might be limited by the type of passengers that you are allowed to carry (for example, no other teens), you might also be limited by mileage. Some companies may even insist that they fit a tracker in your vehicle to monitor your usage.

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It can be tempting to drive fast and perhaps even to show off when you’re a new driver. After all, it is exciting and grown up to have the use of a vehicle to get around with. It is very important that you should always drive within the speed limits, be a careful considerate driver and do all that you can to keep your license clean. You will find after several years of accident and claims free motoring that your insurance rates will drop considerably. If possible consider taking any driving safety classes which are available in your area.

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